Ep. #2 - "Always Ready" - Audiobook Story About My Friend B

by Marci Barker / December 21st, 2022
"Always Ready" - Audiobook Story About My Friend B
"Always Ready" - Audiobook Story about my friend B
Today I want to give you an excerpt from my audiobook "The Accountability Code."
This story comes from the Commitment chapter and is called Always Ready.
It is a good example of what it felt like for me to have the desire to follow through with those positive reassuring promptings I was receiving, and what it did for my ability to take action.
I hope it Inspires you to be "Always Ready" to take action on the promptings you get in your life.
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In This Episode We Cover:
Being Inspired to serve even when you can't physically help people
A story of when I ran into the road to help someone
The power of sending a card to a friend
The legacy of my friend B
Being Always Ready for whatever impact you might have on someone's life
Your body is a vehicle for your spirit
Awareness around what you are dealing with on your own
Basics of health: Sleep, Selfcare, Water, and Movement
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