About Fun & Sustainable Fitness

Hey There!

I’m Marci and I’d like to welcome you to Fun and Sustainable fitness. Since 2015 I’ve been a rock star at creating a space where men and women can learn how to reach their health and fitness goals on THEIR TERMS! Wraps, shakes, fads, or stupid restrictive diets are NOT needed here. Thousands of my clients are thriving because they’ve executed what was right for them individually.

The way I can help you do that too is by creating that exact CUSTOM plan for you whether it be with specific meal plans, counting macros, mindset hacks, cooking skills, self-inventory, or teaching you how navigate the social and cultural situations that keep you stuck. The overall focus of Fun and Sustainable fitness (which we call FAST – Fun and Sustainable Team) is that we’re here to support each other in that quest to LOVE life by loving ourselves.

We use that self-love as a means to pursue our knowledge and mastery of habits related to food, mindset, and movement. As a life and fitness coach I will show you how to recognize and maximize your abilities in order to be that truly healthy and fit person you constantly think about becoming.

You have the power to change and there’s no reason why you should wait! All you have to do is show up and get started! Together we’ll make sure you love yourself while living your best life because that is living the fun and sustainable lifestyle!