Health is Magnified in Groups

When there is a common goal and a clear plan outlined, the results you'll see are fabulous!

Case Studies


Averie Smith

Before and After

Marci was a big part of my transformation! First she taught me about food and how to treat my body well. I found a love for improving and exercising is what really boosted my progress. I went from my heaviest at 250 down to 140 but the coolest part is that my stats don’t lie. I lost fat and gained muscle! I wouldn’t have wanted to do that unless I was taught the fundamentals of exercise. Marci let me know that no matter how unhealthy I was I could make changes that were sustainable and fun too.


Hire Marci because she is knowledgeable in her field because she has not only done the research but she has lived it as well! She's tried all the different things and knows what can work and what may not be as beneficial.

Marci cares about each of her clients with her whole heart and truly loves helping others learn to live a healthier life that is manageable and sustainable.

Marci will give as much as u do as ur coach. If u put in the work for urself she will give just as much back for u!


Amber Meyers

Before and After

I was in a really bad place mentally and I had about 15 lbs to lose so I decided it was time for a change and hired Marci. I thought meeting with her would help me get healthy and lose the extra weight but I had no idea the amazing ways she was going to help me. I had an in home salon I was really struggling with and not enjoying so Marci helped me to enjoy it again and find a balance between work and life. After 6 weeks of working with her and feeling so much better mentally and physically I found out I was 4 weeks pregnant. After 4 years of infertility and drs telling us we wouldn’t be able to conceive without IVF this was a miracle. No Marci isn’t the father of my child but I believe she had a huge part in helping me mentally and physically and my body finally was able to do it’s job. I continued working with Marci until I had my daughter and I had a very healthy and physical pregnancy. She has helped me in so many ways that I never thought it would be possible. Now in no way am I claiming she will help you get pregnant I am claiming she will help you find the balance With your life and emotions and health if you put in the work and trust her process.

1- She will help balance things in your life and find the peace you need.

2- You’ll feel better physically with customized workouts and meal plans.

3- You will have someone amazing to help you stay accountable.

4- She is so easy to talk to and work with and is very understanding.


Stephanie Tejeda

Before and After

When I first started working with Marci I thought I was just going to be working on what I ate and how I exercised. Marci brought so much more to the table. One priceless piece was learning about my I was thinking...about my food, about my body, about myself. Marci makes you dig a little deeper and really flesh out those inner thoughts that really helps you realize why you might (or might not) be doing certain things. What makes Fun & Sustainable Fitness different from all the others is that amazing trifecta of wellness: Mind, body and soul!


I have PCOS (PolyCystic Ovarian Syndrome) I don’t have alot of the symptoms of it but painful, irregular periods and not ovulating regularly (or at all) is one I struggle with. I tried to get pregnant for a year in 2011 then I had to get on meds (metformin) to get pregnant with Eva (my oldest). I got pregnant with Lyla a few months after Eva (my girls are only 13 months apart). Since then, I had gotten back on birth control. Last year (2016) I decided to get off B.C. and try for a third (our last). I got right on the metformin and thought I was pregnant in June, I had a moment of intense panic, I was soooooo tired, way too tired for another baby!! Turned out I wasn’t pregnant. I stopped taking the metformin and said what will be will be. I started MB HEC in January 2017 and since then dropped 15 pounds and gained tons of energy. In April I found out I was pregnant!! I was elated, so excited! Marci, I know I wasn’t ovulating much at all since last June (hubs and I regularly had sex and nothing) and I feel SUPER strongly that when I changed what I was eating in January it got my body back on track and I obviously ovulated, no medications needed!! I also know that with the energy I feel when eating correctly I know I can handle another little! I am awesome! I just want to say thank you! Thank you so much for all you do! You are an amazing woman, and you help everyone (who wants it) to be amazing too!

Get the Results that You Want Now

It is completely possible to reach your goals with the right plan and execution!

Kathey Ahlstrom
I am 75 years old and know what it feels like to not be able to get out of bed because of extended hospital stays. Marci was very helpful and encouraging. She told me that particular exercises were not as important as being consistent.
Elizabeth Maravilla
Why is this program so good? Because no one is trying to sell you a miracle product! Marci has knowledge, experience and motivation. And it works. The Body Sculpting Challenge is fun, as challenging as you want it to be and full of awesome workouts!!
Marci Jackson
I love Fun & Sustainable Fitness! I joined in Feb 2018 and since then I have lost 20 lbs and SEVERAL inches around my bodyYou ALWAYS learn something new, you truly are able to see what your capable of and how important you are and you are consistently reassured your not alone and that someone cares about you and wants you to succeed. Fitness and health is doable and fun with Marci! Absolutely blessed to have found her and her program.