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Marci's Clients

I attended Marci's fitness education class in June of 2019 and started with her mental strength challenge. I liked it so much I've done her Healthy Eating Challenge 3 times and her Healthy Eating Advanced one time.

Her courses showed me how much good I was already doing, when I felt completely defeated. She shows you small changes you can make that add up to big results. She celebrates the successes and always builds you up.

I've gotten rid of 20lbs, and regained confidence in myself. My posture and confidence have improved. I'm enjoying being Me again! Thank you Marci!

Marci's program has been life changing for me. Six months ago I decided that I was sick and tired of being sick and tired, and decided to do something about it. Three separate friends recommended Marci Barker so I figured it was worth trying. Since then I have learned how to eat to fuel my body, and how to listen to my body so I know what it needs. It hasn't always been easy but Marci and her team are always there for support. With their help I have made lifestyle changes that I intent to stick with, and as a result I have lost 35 pounds and I am a healthy weight for the first time in years. I'm still figuring some things out bug I am feeling better and I am stronger than I have ever been. It feels good to take care of myself.

The amount of lives Marci has been able to change through her programs is truly incredible. She goes above and beyond for her clients. She's not your typical personal trainer, she's much more than that. I highly recommend her to anyone needing a change, accountability, or to simply live a more healthy and fulfilled life.

See Results in All Aspects of Your Life

Once you start the path becomes even easier.

The Focus Stays on You!

My experiences taught me the importance of treating each person and their current situation individually.

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Marci is so amazing! She has a smile that lights up the room. I had the opportunity to take one of her classes and listened to her as a presenter. She is phenomenal, truly inspiring, and exploding with love for what she does. I learned so much from Marci. I highly recommend her.

In today's world of ever-changing competition to be the best, we all need a solid example of what it looks like to be competing against yourself and WIN!

Marci's relevant and relatable stories are the perfect motivation your group needs to reach their highest potential.

Not only will they learn universal problem solving skills but they will also increase their confidence bringing in more personal and professional success.

Marci brings massive amounts of energy to every event and is sure to entertain as well.

Whether she's teaching a physical fitness class, covering mindset, or giving business advice you can bet everyone will have a few takeaways.

Aimee Tapp
Marci teaches you what your body does with different types of foods and helps you want what’s good while giving you the tools and information you need to navigate the minefield of nutrition.
Julie Anderson
When I signed up for the BSC challenge I was a little nervous that it would be more than I could handle healthwise. But I was so wrong Marci understands how to motivate you and see your potential when you can't. I am so happy with what this program has given me. 1. I have lost inches and pounds. 2. I have been set on a great path to continue on by myself. 3. I have found me again and I have learned how to take care of me in many aspects of my life. The lists could go on. All I can say is take the time to do this great program. you will be happy you did.
Joy Flanagan
Recently joined Marci’s Circle which has educational newsletters weekly plus she encourages us to set a goal on a weekly basis. I also really enjoy having access to many many recipes plus the videos on foam rolling, how to use Instapot plus others. Just want to thank Marci Barker for starting her Fun and Sustainable fitness programs!!!

The Progress You Make Here is Never Going Away!

Our clients stay with us for years!

Kathey Ahlstrom
I am 75 years old and know what it feels like to not be able to get out of bed because of extended hospital stays. Marci was very helpful and encouraging. She told me that particular exercises were not as important as being consistent.
Elizabeth Maravilla
Why is this program so good? Because no one is trying to sell you a miracle product! Marci has knowledge, experience and motivation. And it works. The Body Sculpting Challenge is fun, as challenging as you want it to be and full of awesome workouts!!
Marci Jackson
I love Fun & Sustainable Fitness! I joined in Feb 2018 and since then I have lost 20 lbs and SEVERAL inches around my bodyYou ALWAYS learn something new, you truly are able to see what your capable of and how important you are and you are consistently reassured your not alone and that someone cares about you and wants you to succeed. Fitness and health is doable and fun with Marci! Absolutely blessed to have found her and her program.