Ep. #54 From Cult to Coach: Martha's Success with Gratitude

by Marci Barker / November 29th, 2023
From Cult to Coach: Martha's Success with Gratitude
From Cult to Coach: Martha's Success with Gratitude
This episode features a guest, Martha, who shares her experiences and insights on improvement and accountability. I recount how Martha and I became fast friends after a long car journey to a retreat.
Martha, a certified life and health coach, talks about her unique journey, including being raised in a cult, and how she has overcome challenges to find resilience and happiness. The episode delves into Martha's gratitude practice and a game she plays to shift perspectives.
Towards the end, we discuss Martha's upcoming book, part of an anthology titled "Breaking the Silence: Voices of Survivors," which shares stories of resilience and transformation. The conversation also touches on accountability and forgiveness, emphasizing the importance of understanding one's past to move forward.
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Topics Covered in the Episode:
Friendship forged during a long car journey to a retreat.
Martha's background, including being raised in a cult.
The importance of divine timing and intervention.
Martha's role as a life visionary and certified life and health coach.
Gratitude practices and Martha's gratitude game.
Martha's upcoming book in the "Breaking the Silence Voices of Survivors" anthology.
Martha's unique journey and experiences in overcoming challenges.
Accountability and forgiveness in personal growth.
Shifting perspectives through gratitude and focusing on the positive.
The power of understanding one's past for future growth and happiness.
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