Ep. #52 A Whole Year of Growth! Season 2 Recap and Season 3 Preview

by Marci Barker / November 15th, 2023
A Whole Year of Growth! Season 2 Recap and Season 3 Preview
A Whole Year of Growth! Season 2 Recap and Season 3 Preview
In this podcast episode, I provide a season two recap of my podcast, celebrating the achievement of consistency with 52 episodes. I encourage listeners to reflect on the episodes and highlight key ones, ranging from topics like work-life balance and creating honest friendships to overcoming resistance, handling anger and stress, and mastering finances for entrepreneurs. I also gave a sneak peek into season three, promising more solo episodes and community engagement, aiming to create an interactive and supportive space for my listeners.
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Top 10 Episodes of Season 2:
1. Ep. #28 Healing After Trauma: A Story of Resilience and Forgiveness with Shaylee Sorensen
2. Ep. #22 Creating Honest Friendships with Amber Myers
3. Ep. #24 Bringing the Confident Vibes with Leah Barker
4. Ep. #23 - Overcoming Resistance with Love, Acceptance, and Respect with Elle Pace
5. Ep. #25 How to Handle Anger and Stress with Liz Barker
6. Ep. #35 Building a Successful Business: Mastering the Art of Sharing Value
7. Ep. #21 Finding Work + Life Balance with Jeana Nunez
8. Ep. #31 Building a Thriving Business while Prioritizing Self-Care and Family with Angie Radke
9. Ep. #33 The Power of Self Reflection: Discovering Your Strengths and Expanding your abilities with Taylor Proctor
10. Ep. #27 Inside the Teen Mind: Exploring Homeschooling, Popularity, and More with Leila Barker
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