Ep. #4 - Delivered From Pain with Debbie Hansen (My Mom!)

by Marci Barker / December 21st, 2022
Delivered From Pain with Debbie Hansen (My Mom!)
Delivered From Pain with Debbie Hansen (My Mom!)
In this episode, I get to interview my mom Debbie Hansen. First off I'm so excited for you to hear my mom tell the story of the day I was born! It's so relevant to who I am today!
Beyond being my mom, Debbie has bravely applied The Accountability Code to her life and she is an inspiration to anyone who has ever walked on eggshells in their relationship or hidden their own pains and struggles while serving everyone else.
You're going to want to share this episode with your mom or your daughter, and please do. Having The Accountability Code as a way to communicate effectively helped us grow closer. I hope our relationship inspires you to strengthen your own family relationships as well as heal from the toxic ones (as we share a bit of that in this episode as well).
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In This Episode We Cover:
My birth story from my mom's perspective
Recognizing when you show up as a doormat & how to take accountability for how you cope with stress
Being accountable for your actions and allowing others to do the same
Finding your voice, being who God wants you to be
Recognizing what traits you have from your parents (the good & bad)
Being rooted in your values no matter how others react
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