Ep. #39 Decisions Unveiled: Exploring 'Would You Rather' Scenarios in Business

by Marci Barker / August 16th, 2023
Decisions Unveiled: Exploring 'Would You Rather' Scenarios in Business
Decisions Unveiled: Exploring 'Would You Rather' Scenarios in Business
In this podcast episode, I explored decision-making and accountability in entrepreneurship through "Would You Rather," emphasizing the role of reflection in understanding values and fostering self-awareness. The episode covers a variety of hypothetical scenarios, such as choosing control over delegation in business, prioritizing time or money, and honesty over likability.
I highlighted the importance of timing in being honest, discussed speaking up versus staying silent, and concluded by emphasizing the ongoing value of reflection in guiding decision-making and personal growth. I also reflect on the challenges of balancing honesty and being liked, drawing from personal experiences, character traits, and the evolving perspective that comes with age, ultimately encouraging listeners to engage in these reflective exercises for aligning actions with personal values and making intentional decisions.
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In This Episode We Cover:
The role of reflection in accountability and decision-making.
"Would You Rather" questions as a tool for self-awareness and consistency.
Balancing control over business tasks and delegation.
Long-term effort for residual income versus consistent daily work.
Prioritizing time or money.
Choosing between being honest or being liked.
The significance of honesty in personal growth.
Timing and context in delivering honest feedback.
Deciding between working in a group or working alone.
Reflection as an ongoing practice for alignment and accountability.
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