Ep. 32 Mastering Discipline: Building Structures for Lasting Change with Dre Baldwin

by Marci Barker / June 28th, 2023
Mastering Discipline: Building Structures for Lasting
Change With Dre Baldwin
Mastering Discipline: Building Structures for Lasting Change With Dre Baldwin
In this podcast episode, I interviewed Dre Baldwin, the CEO and founder of Work On Your Game, Inc. Dre shares his experience as a professional basketball player and discusses his journey as an author. He explains that his first book was about his own story and how he transitioned from being a basketball player to a writer. Dre emphasizes the importance of reflection and humility in personal growth and success. We also delve into the topic of accountability and how it relates to achieving goals. Throughout the conversation, Dre provides insights into his strategies for reaching more people and expanding his business.
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In This Episode We Cover:
Reflecting on personal performance and taking responsibility for improvement.
The relationship between humility and confidence.
The role of planning in achieving success and adapting to unexpected situations.
Dre's perspective on the value of planning and the flexibility of execution.
Discipline is a structural challenge, and pushing yourself harder doesn't usually work.
Putting the right structure in place makes discipline easier.
Feedback is important for improvement and getting results.
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