Ep. 30 Mastering Your Finances: Money Management For Entrepreneurs with Beth Ann McMerrick

by Marci Barker / June 14th, 2023
Mastering Your Finances: Money Management For Entrepreneurs with Beth Ann McMerrick
Mastering Your Finances: Money Management For Entrepreneurs with Beth Ann McMerrick
In this podcast episode, I introduce Beth Ann McMerrick, a Money Mastery coach who combines her expertise in accounting with spiritual intuition. I get very real and discuss my recent money experiences and seek Beth Ann's guidance.
Beth Ann explains that many entrepreneurs struggle with money management, leading to financial difficulties and emotional stress. She emphasizes the importance of healing the emotional side of money and developing a positive relationship with it.
Throughout the conversation, we explore the concept of money as energy and address the challenges of balancing leniency with clients' financial responsibilities.
Beth Ann is the author of the Divine Money Goddess Oracle Cards, she weaves together twenty-four years of business and accounting experience with spirituality and divine consciousness. As a holistic financial mentor, international speaker, trusted accountant, and money energy healer. She teaches you how to master the mindset and mechanics of money management, spiritual abundance, and divine financial wealth. She states:  When you make money, you heal the world.
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In This Episode We Cover:
The connection between accounting and spiritual intuition
The importance of money management for entrepreneurs
Emotional reactions and shame around financial issues
Understanding money as a supportive energy
Balancing leniency and accountability with clients' payments
Utilizing financial documents to assess business health
The significance of giving oneself grace and patience when learning about finances
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