Ep. 26 Decisions and Goals with Lexi Barker

by Marci Barker / May 17th, 2023
Decisions and Goals with Lexi Barker
Decisions and Goals with Lexi Barker
Lexi, my second daughter is on the podcast today! Her job title is Team Leader. Lexi spills the beans on our big adventure coming up as a family. You may already know about it, if you follow me on social media. Lexi has some blunt opinions throughout our chat and her honesty makes this episode pretty fun.
She shares what she likes about working for me, and what she likes to spend her paychecks on.
Lexi also shares the struggles of making decisions as a 12 year old, and balancing social activities.
We talk about her goal of achieving a back handspring and I get to take her though The Accountability Code to help her get closer to her goal. I hope you enjoy our candid mother daughter conversation. These episodes have taught my daughters a new perspective of the work I do, and given listeners a great basic level view of The Accountability code and how it can be applied to anything including helping your kids through what goals are important to them.
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In This Episode We Cover:
Our big move
Working to pay for your wants
Retreat planning
Making work fun
Decision making
Lexi's back handspring goal
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