Ep. #25 How to Handle Anger and Stress with Liz Barker

by Marci Barker / April 26th, 2023
How to Handle Anger and Stress with Liz Barker
How to Handle Anger and Stress with Liz Barker
In this episode, my project manager Liz Barker, AKA my daughter, who is turning 11, discuss various topics ranging from Liz's recent birthday party to her definition of modesty. You will enjoy this heartwarming podcast episode and genuine mother-daughter connection. Liz answers questions about bullying, modesty, and being an empath.
Liz is interested in astrology and shares bit about her own sign as an Aries. She explains how she navigates difficult friendships and when something triggers her towards anger. I shared my own thoughts about being overly positive and giving yourself permission to feel angry if needed.
She also gives us her perspective on kids having phones and using various apps. She shares how important being trustworthy is.
Our conversation was full of inspiration, laughter, discovery, growth, and connection.
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In This Episode We Cover:
The importance of honesty
Being mindful of our bodies and well-being.
Mirror activity at the last retreat
Handling anger & stress
Feeling confident when you look your best
Upcoming Mother -Daughters Retreat accommodations
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