Ep. #24 Bringing The Confident Vibes with Leah Barker

by Marci Barker / April 26th, 2023
Bringing confident vibes with Leah Barker
Bringing confident vibes with Leah Barker
I'm so excited to bring my own daughters onto the podcast! Today's episode is with my youngest daughter Leah. My girls have recently become official employees in my business. In the Spring they planned and executed their own Mother-Daughter retreat! You could say I’m one proud mom! Today, Leas shares her favorite part of the retreat, as well as, what it is like working for my company. You will love her funny additions to our conversation and she just turned 9 years old.
I run through explaining the Accountability Code to Leah in this episode! As I listened back to this recording I realized how valuable it is breaking things down to the basics, aka simple enough to explain to a child. If you have wondered about any step of The Accountability Code or if you are a current client in my program, actively working the steps, you will find value in how we walk through each step, helping you get more clarity on how The Accountability Code can work for you!
The conversation is charming and entertaining, providing a unique perspective on entrepreneurship and work-life balance.
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In This Episode We Cover:
Building Confidence
Viewing Bullying with Compassion
The importance of interacting with others to build confidence
Valuing your paycheck as an 8-9 year old!
How Leah divides her earnings into spending, saving, and tithing.
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