Ep. # 22 Creating Honest Friendships with Amber Myers

by Marci Barker / April 19th, 2023
Creating Honest Friendships with Amber Myers
Creating Honest Friendships with Amber Myers
In this episode, you get the pleasure of hearing from my best friend Amber Myers. We talk about friendship, setting boundaries, and how important self-love is. You’ll love our convo as we discuss therapy, good friends, and setting boundaries.
You might shed a few tears when I talk about getting out of a depressive time and how Amber was there for me.
Amber shares a little about her story of leaving her religion. She shares some of the internal pain and struggles she dealt with during her infertility journey Including her frustration when she was shamed for not attending church.
We also talked about how The Accountability Code helped Amber find peace with being able to charge what she deserves in her business and still love what she does.
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In This Episode We Cover:
Dealing with difficult situations with parents and friends
How stripping away conditional judgment can clear the path for creating incredible friendships
The importance of loving yourself
Giving up control, how trusting Marci helped Amber grow
How honest friendships can create incredible bonds
Find the balance between being able to make money and loving what you do
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