3 Fatal "Healthy Eating" Mistakes You're Making

by Marci Barker / November 12th, 2018


Home Workout vs Gym

Do you really need a gym to get a great workout?

Millions of people have great success with home workouts while others not so much. Lets discuss some most important things you can do to get the most beneficial results.


The Fun & Sustainable Lifestyle: Realistic Go...

Ladies: DON'T get caught up in making goals and resolutions that don't even make sense for you. 

If you're ready to start setting and ACHIEVING realistic goals, you need to be part of FAST! 

FAST stands for "Fun & Sustainable Team." When you're part of our team, you'll learn how to create a FUN & SUSTAINABLE healthy lifestyle that actually makes sense for you and your life.


3 Healthy Eating Myths You Probably Believe (...

Sometimes people make healthy eating sound harder than it is. Here are the 3 myths you probably believe about eating healthy. (And they're all lies.):

Lie #1: If you are eating healthy you must be obsessed with your food.

Well let me tell you what! Your mind is about to be blown because my clients are not obsessed about their food. The whole point of learning to eat healthy is being able to incorporate healthy, delicious meals into your every day life.


3 Fatal "Healthy Eating" Mistakes You're Maki...

I just can’t hold it back anymore. Every once in a while I see these crazy posts on social media with people wondering why they're not losing weight, why their "healthy" diet isn't working. They’ve “tried everything already” and their cry for help will bring in uneducated direct sales and MLM people by the masses.

There are 3 fatal mistakes you are probably making right now and frankly, it’s holding you back.