Home Workout vs Gym

by Aubrey Barker / July 30th, 2020

Home Workout Vs. Gym

Do you really need a gym to get a great workout?

Millions of people have great success with home workouts while others not so much. Lets discuss some most important things you can do to get the most beneficial results.

1. Why?
What's your purpose in working out? Are all your friends doing it or do you really want to be in shape? Are you afraid to look in the mirror or are you trying to flaunt your body in a bikini at the beach?

Whatever the reason... It's important that you remember you can always do WHATEVER you set your mind to. If you want to lose 60 pounds that is totally doable as long as you can always see your future self.

2. Structure
How structured are you? If you want to lose 20 pounds by the end of the month then what is your plan for that? Are you going to do 100 pushups every day or are you going to do a different structured HIIT workout everyday? Are you planning to do the same workout every day or do you have a structured workout for a 30 day period?

3. Enjoyment
Do you enjoy working out or do you dread it? It's important to find a workout you LOVE doing. Even if you've always hated working out in the past that doesn't mean there isn't something you won't enjoy doing... You just need to find it. This is where some time with a personal trainer is really beneficial. If you look forward to your workout each day you'll be much more likely to be consistent and succeed. Even if you don't enjoy working out, you'll almost always feel much better afterwards and eventually begin to love it.

4. Organization & Space
When & where are you going to workout at? Is it in your living room... your bedroom... your kitchen? It doesn't matter but it's important you designate a space for that and have easy access to beginning your workout. Also it's important to have a set time you workout each day to help you create consistency. As you continue to have consistency you'll find the process becomes more enjoyable and easier to do each day until you love it.


At Fun and Sustainable Fitness we try to make working out FUN at a Level and Pace that is RIGHT FOR YOU!

Like anything else in life, when you really understand how your body works, reaching your goals becomes much easier.

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