The Fun & Sustainable Lifestyle: Realistic Goals for a Healthy Lifestyle YOUR Way!

by Marci Barker / January 7th, 2019


Ep. #55 Unfiltered and Unsolicited Business A...

In this podcast episode, I discuss valuable business advice based on submissions from my Facebook group. I share my own journey in business since 2015, highlighting the changes and lessons learned along the way. I emphasize the importance of accountability, trying new things, and making informed decisions in building a successful business.


Ep. #54 From Cult to Coach: Martha's Success ...

This episode features a guest, Martha, who shares her experiences and insights on improvement and accountability. I recount how Martha and I became fast friends after a long car journey to a retreat.

Martha, a certified life and health coach, talks about her unique journey, including being raised in a cult, and how she has overcome challenges to find resilience and happiness. The episode delves into Martha's gratitude practice and a game she plays to shift perspectives.


Ep. #53 Time Management and Distraction-Free ...

Welcome to Season 3 of Your Loving Kick In The Pants. This episode emphasizes the importance of consistency, aligning actions with goals, and achieving a deeper level of self-mastery to enhance business success. I offer some of my best tips for using your phone productively without excessive scrolling. Last we discuss taking time off to play.

I want you to know a lot of the business owners I work with, struggle with time management and you are not alone, I made this episode with you in mind.


Ep. #52 A Whole Year of Growth! Season 2 Reca...

In this podcast episode, I provide a season two recap of my podcast, celebrating the achievement of consistency with 52 episodes. I encourage listeners to reflect on the episodes and highlight key ones, ranging from topics like work-life balance and creating honest friendships to overcoming resistance, handling anger and stress, and mastering finances for entrepreneurs. I also gave a sneak peek into season three, promising more solo episodes and community engagement, aiming to create an interactive and supportive space for my listeners.