Mind Body Mastery

Why I Created This Course

Mind Body Mastery was created to help people attain an automatic level of health and fitness in areas of movement, mindset, and nutrition.

Creating a lifestyle that is fun and sustainable requires a large amount of trial and error when the path is walked alone.

I have taken years of experiences with thousands of clients and have put together the system in which a person can integrate personal habits with a level of ease and support.

Gone are the days when you have to try everything, waste all your money, and be left with the shame and guilt of not reaching your goals.

Mind Body Mastery is here to fill in the gap of all things health and wellness in your life.

I have spent years getting certified, hiring my own coaches, and experiencing hundreds of programs in order to fill up my tool belt just for you.

Whether it’s getting along with your spouse, feeling comfortable in the gym, or finally developing the perfect eating style, consider Mind Body Mastery your vault of customized plans, a promising future, and a life and fitness coach in your pocket at all times!

What does this course cover?

Mind Body Mastery is the means to creating a lifestyle that seamlessly supports your big goals.

In this course, you’ll learn how to:

Mind Body Mastery covers the basics of habit shifting all the way from what you do in the morning to how you evaluate yourself before bed.

We’ll feed your inner strengths and create an entire lifestyle that allows you to interact with your loved with ease, vitality, and impact.

We develop the ideal workout plan, eating style, and mode of awareness to get your health in tip top shape.

Imagine having a trainer at the gym, a nutrition coach in the kitchen, and a sensei at your fingertips at all times.

Mind Body Mastery is the means to developing and improving all areas of your life one step at a time.

Who is this course for?

Mind Body Mastery is for the individual who knows they have one body and a major desire to live life more fully.

This is for people who are ready to finally destroy bad habits and step into a lifestyle with answers and elevated peace.

This course is ideal for the person who has made some progress on their own but needs a customized approach to going deeper into their current habits.

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How is this course structured?

Your private dashboard will contain all of your assessments, accountability tracking, custom programs, and details for consistent progress.

Daily and weekly communication is done via zoom and phone.

How can you sign up?

Simply click the "Register Now" button below. You'll be able to signup and then you’ll be prompted to set up a call with Marci. All of the required assessments will take place as part of the prep work before the 6 months is started.

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Meet your instructor

Marci is your Life and Fitness Coach for Mind Body Mastery.

Marci is an expert at diving deep down into why we believe certain things about our health and turning that info into action.

Marci is a mother of 4 daughters and has learned the secret to making and keeping commitments, being someone you can count on, and knows exactly how to make habit shifting fun.

Health is all about a state of mind with physical actions that keep it sacred.

Marci runs her whole life and business with this mantra “True happiness comes only when our spirits learn to control our bodies; training them to be governed by the laws of God.” Mind Body Mastery means leaning into living your true purpose and chipping away at the habits and patterns that have been holding you back.

Course Curriculum

Mental Strength Pre Assessment
Nutrition Frequency Pre Assessment
Body Composition Pre Assessment
Daily Accountability Tracking
Weekly Calls
Monthly Progress Updates

Aimee Tapp
Marci teaches you what your body does with different types of foods and helps you want what’s good while giving you the tools and information you need to navigate the minefield of nutrition.
Julie Anderson
When I signed up for the BSC challenge I was a little nervous that it would be more than I could handle healthwise. But I was so wrong Marci understands how to motivate you and see your potential when you can't. I am so happy with what this program has given me. 1. I have lost inches and pounds. 2. I have been set on a great path to continue on by myself. 3. I have found me again and I have learned how to take care of me in many aspects of my life. The lists could go on. All I can say is take the time to do this great program. you will be happy you did.
Joy Flanagan
Recently joined Marci’s Circle which has educational newsletters weekly plus she encourages us to set a goal on a weekly basis. I also really enjoy having access to many many recipes plus the videos on foam rolling, how to use Instapot plus others. Just want to thank Marci Barker for starting her Fun and Sustainable fitness programs!!!