Get A Leg Up On Rebooting Your Health and Reclaiming Your Future

Attending an event with Marci Barker of Fun & Sustainable Fitness? Marci knows that you want a way out of the confusion surrounding health and fitness, and to find a process that not only gets results, but that you’ll love! It is possible to make real and profound changes, to finally see a pathway toward reclaiming your life and all the activities you once loved doing but missed out on due to health struggles.

Attendees at our events will learn the most effective ways to get active again. You’ll not only enjoy Marci’s frank talk and clear demonstrations — you’ll hear success stories which you can emulate. When Marci speaks, you’ll feel supported and understood, but also motivated to take action.

Are you ready to listen and receive action plans that you can immediately plug into your goals, to create the life you desire? Contact Marci today to inquire about your upcoming special event

Marci's Mission

It's hard to stop making progress when you are having so much fun!

Marci is known for successfully breaking down big goals and producing fun ways to accomplish them. Her entertaining demeanor and zeal for life is evident and easily transferred to all she comes in contact with.

Jody Call
I have participated in several of Marci Barker's programs and I have had great results both physically and mentally from each of them. Marci truly cares about her clients and is amazing at holding them accountable and giving them guidance and support to do more and push themselves. Her app is easy to use and a great way to log your progress and stay accountable. If you're looking for something to pull you out of a funk or help you get organized to accomplish a goal, or if your trying to get in better shape she is the person to talk to. I highly recommend her Accountability course, which is structured around her book the Accountability Code.
Shawna Feragen
Marci has been extremely helpful in the beginning steps of my journey. She goes above and beyond, ensuring that you receive a genuine learning experience. She helps you get to the roots so that you may find progression in your desired lifestyle. If you want to learn how to change your life for the better, I recommend getting in contact with Marci.
Mandee Gillen
Marci is so amazing! She has a smile that lights up the room. I had the opportunity to take one of her classes and listened to her as a presenter. She is phenomenal, truly inspiring, and exploding with love for what she does. I learned so much from Marci. I highly recommend her.
Natalie, Roy City
Marci is the absolute best! Her energy and enthusiasm for health, fitness and personal growth is infectious. So far, we have done one complete program with her the healthy eating challenge and our employees loved it(we have the second challenge scheduled to start this month). We have been running wellness challenges for over a year, and our big struggle was the accountability aspect. Our employees would start our challenges strong but would lose interest with a couple weeks. With Marci it's built right into the program we like having it so that we know our employees are participating, our employees like the accountability feature because it keeps them motivatedand gives them access to Marci's wealth of knowledge. We would highly recommend her!!