Emotional Eating Shift (Group)

Why I Created This Course

There is a big misconception that emotional eating is a bad thing when in reality our emotions are a gift and what we choose to do with them is the real dilemma.

Society teaches us that certain things make us bad and we must do what we are told or else we aren’t good enough.

This mindset translates to how we feel and how we eat.

This program was created to help you get clear on how to tune into your emotions and use that information to fuel your body in a way that is right for you.

What does this course cover?

The Emotional Eating Course is the means to creating peace with food and utilizing it to show your mind and body love.

In this course, you’ll learn how to:

In this course you’ll learn the nutritional basics of food and how to use that information in your favor.

You’ll learn to pay attention to the different phases of your cycle and how to support your mood and emotions with nutrition.

You’ll become familiar with different eating styles and their benefits with each.

As you learn new information you’ll put it into practice and learn to let go of expectations and unreal eating behaviors you have naturally adapted over time.

Who is this course for?

This course is for someone who is ready to look in the mirror and love themselves again.

This is for the person who is sick of following random food advice on Instagram and is ready to finally have a personal eating style that frees them from a damaging relationship with food.

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How is this course structured?

You’ll get access to a private dashboard where you’ll find 12 weeks weekly focuses with video trainings.

Each week you’ll be given an assignment and a tracking form to help you focus on applying the specific piece of education.

You’ll have access to group calls and daily accountability within your dashboard.

How can you sign up?

Simply click the "Register Now" button below. You'll be able to signup and be prepared to start on Monday.

Each weekly focus will unlock on Sundays and you’ll find details on the weekly calls in your dashboard.

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Meet your instructor

Marci is your Life and Fitness Coach for the Emotional Eating Shift.

After having to lose weight after each of her 4 babies, Marci has tried many different styles to find the pros and cons of each and is an expert at helping you find what works for you so you can manage your emotions and food choices.

Marci has a Precision Nutrition Certification and has helped hundreds of women attain their ideal weight, gain a stress free relationship with food, and will keep you at the center of your own journey.

Course Curriculum

Eating Styles Training
12 Weekly Focuses based on:
Weight Management
Body Image

Aimee Tapp
Marci teaches you what your body does with different types of foods and helps you want what’s good while giving you the tools and information you need to navigate the minefield of nutrition.
Julie Anderson
When I signed up for the BSC challenge I was a little nervous that it would be more than I could handle healthwise. But I was so wrong Marci understands how to motivate you and see your potential when you can't. I am so happy with what this program has given me. 1. I have lost inches and pounds. 2. I have been set on a great path to continue on by myself. 3. I have found me again and I have learned how to take care of me in many aspects of my life. The lists could go on. All I can say is take the time to do this great program. you will be happy you did.
Joy Flanagan
Recently joined Marci’s Circle which has educational newsletters weekly plus she encourages us to set a goal on a weekly basis. I also really enjoy having access to many many recipes plus the videos on foam rolling, how to use Instapot plus others. Just want to thank Marci Barker for starting her Fun and Sustainable fitness programs!!!