Body Talk Practices

Why I Created This Course

Your body is the best provider of information for your brain.

It is responsible for taking you through the process of what your brain wishes to carry out.

How amazing would your ideas be if you were confined to your couch? Body Talk Practices is the best way to take your body through the physical process of obeying your brain.

What does this course cover?

Get your personal blueprint with the specific body actions that will take you to your mind’s next destination.

In this course, you’ll learn how to:

Get into the mental state that clarifies to your body what it needs to do next in order to level up.

You’ll learn how to be more productive, effective, and sure in your actions. Body talk is the way you’ll teach your brain to depend on your body consistently.

Who is this course for?

This course is for the individual who is so close to seeing progress with their next big goal but seems to fall off the wagon after a couple of days.

This is the perfect person who values what their body can do for them and others.

It’s great for the driven person to see results in their goals much faster.

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How is this course structured?

This course starts with a personal call to define your goals and then your personal dashboard will be delivered based on your accountability steps.

You’ll get a personal blueprint as a printable document and your progress will be reviewed by Marci each week.

How can you sign up?

Simply click the "Register Now" button below. You'll be able to signup and then you will receive an email with your login details.

The first lesson will appear in your dashboard and the link to download the workbook will be there too.

Simply click the enroll button and you'll receive an email with your login details and information on how to book a call with Marci.

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Meet your instructor

Marci is your Life and Fitness Coach for Body Talk Practices.

Marci is an expert at diving deep down into why we believe certain things about our health and turning that info into action.

Marci is a mother of 4 daughters and has learned the secret to making and keeping commitments, being someone you can count on, and knows exactly how to make habit shifting fun.

Health is all about a state of mind with physical actions that keep it sacred.

Marci runs her whole life and business with this mantra “True happiness comes only when our spirits learn to control our bodies; training them to be governed by the laws of God.” Join Marci as she loving helps you accept who you are and helps you usher in the new you!

Course Curriculum

Pre Course - Personal Blueprint call with Marci
Week 1 – 4 Daily accountability tracking
Sundays – Complete weekly progress chart
Mondays – Adjust plan and continue
Final Assessment

Aimee Tapp
Marci teaches you what your body does with different types of foods and helps you want what’s good while giving you the tools and information you need to navigate the minefield of nutrition.
Julie Anderson
When I signed up for the BSC challenge I was a little nervous that it would be more than I could handle healthwise. But I was so wrong Marci understands how to motivate you and see your potential when you can't. I am so happy with what this program has given me. 1. I have lost inches and pounds. 2. I have been set on a great path to continue on by myself. 3. I have found me again and I have learned how to take care of me in many aspects of my life. The lists could go on. All I can say is take the time to do this great program. you will be happy you did.
Joy Flanagan
Recently joined Marci’s Circle which has educational newsletters weekly plus she encourages us to set a goal on a weekly basis. I also really enjoy having access to many many recipes plus the videos on foam rolling, how to use Instapot plus others. Just want to thank Marci Barker for starting her Fun and Sustainable fitness programs!!!